Development Resource Centre


Dev-Zone’s work is grounded in Aotearoa New Zealand, focuses on the Pacific and provides coverage of development in the rest of the world. It has information from a range of perspectives on global issues, for example, globalisation, human rights, fair trade, gender and development, war, civil society, microfinance, appropriate technology and taking action.

Dev-Zone’s library is open to the public and has a unique collection of books, journals, annual reports, hard-to-get videos and reference material on global issues. Many of our resources are from developing countries. No matter where in Aotearoa New Zealand people live, they can join and borrow from the library for free. The library catalogue can be searched on-line, and resources are posted out free of charge.

Dev-Zone’s website has a constantly updated range of online resources including articles, reports and websites, and email bulletins. Some features are: the latest development news in the Pacific, in-depth reports and critiques of global development issues, a jobs database and ways to Take Action. Dev-Zone also produces free weekly Email Updates on the latest additions to its website, the latest news in the development sector, and the latest development work opportunities.

Dev-Zone’s staff are qualified information and development professionals. Clients can easily access these skills and the team’s knowledge of development information resources. Quick queries are answered for free and Dev-Zone can also undertake in-depth information searches and literature reviews at very reasonable rates.

Dev-Zone produces several publications:

  • ‘Just Change’ is a theme-based development magazine with views from a variety of people involved in the development sector
  • ‘The Dev-Zone Directory of International Development NGOs’ includes up-to-date contacts, project information and other information about international development, development education, solidarity and human rights organisations working in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • The Pacific Development Directory [PDD] was created in conjunction with the Pacific Islands Association of NGOs [PIANGO]. The PDD provides details of agencies and organisations working in development throughout the Pacific. It is an online resource available at: www.dev-zone.org/pdd

Visit the Dev-Zone website www.dev-zone.org to access a wide range or resources, subscribe to the Dev-Zone Email Updates or magazine ‘Just Change’, to join the library, and search for and request information.