The Centre for Global Action

The Development Resource Centre is a founding member and the primary administrator for the Centre for Global Action.

VISION :: Empowering New Zealanders working for a safer, more just world

The CGA aims to raise the profile of international human rights, and development as a process of realising those rights, and promote action for global justice and sustainable development. This is achieved by bringing together in one easily-accessible location a range of like-minded organisations:

  • Development Resource Centre
  • Amnesty International
  • The Council for International Development
  • Oxfam
  • The Peace Foundation
  • United Nations Association
  • Transparency International
  • Connected Media Trust

These organisations have created a Centre in which New Zealanders ranging from the general public [including young people, students and researchers] to human rights/development professionals, practitioners and activists can access authoritative information about the world — through an onsite library, online services, and meetings and workshops with experts learn about, and take up, action opportunities for a better world.